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April 9, 2013
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Cosplay =/= CONsent by aragashi Cosplay =/= CONsent by aragashi
The Movement
I made a sign to show my support for the Cosplay =/= CONsent movement ongoing. I think it's been a long time coming that cosplayers finally stand up against these assholes at conventions that become horror stories. I've personally had to intervene for a few friends in the past and I strongly agree that this is ludicrous behavior that needs to end. I made this to share with friends, but upon their request, I made it into other forms that might be more practical at conventions as more requests were made and it became this package.

Like the Cosplay =/= Consent page, get involved: [link]

In This Rar
Facebook cover image
Printable Fan (print to cardstock, cut, fold, craft stick + glue)
A small poster
Sheet of the basic logo I created meant for sticker sheets.

You will have to cut these out yourself, but they should be the right size. They all print perfectly. The fan in the picture is not printed to card stock, which is why it's somewhat flimsy. If you do use them, please show me how they end up for you. I'm very interested in seeing how people use these.

About This Set:
I'm releasing this as a Creative Commons, as the logo was quickly created by me and I hope others will be able to use it in their own way.
The Japanese Flag, I did not create and found floating around randomly on Google, so I can't properly credit the original creator.
I applied some stock textures to weather it, scaled it to printing size and put on the logo I created.

Follow me on my FB Page: [link]
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